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Delivering to ALL of Marion County (EBT Included)

We offer delivery to all of Marion County.  Must be a minimum order of $75.  Hot food only available for next day delivery (for same day service on hot food, pickup in-store). There will be a modest delivery fee of only $5 for 0-10 miles, $10 for 11-24 miles and $25 for 25+ miles.  We accept cash, credit/debit cards and EBT.  [Hot food orders require a $2 non-EBT (cash or credit/debit card only) prep fee. You are paying for the fresh food with EBT and the preparation seperately.]  We are the ONLY company to offer this service in Indianapolis.

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Retail Products

Fresh Beef, Fresh Pork, Fresh Chicken, Fresh Turkey, Fresh Seafood, Fresh Lamb, Goat, Wild Game


Our selection of beef is second to none.  We cover all the bases with products that range from select to as choice as it gets.  We have sourced our suppliers and trust the integrity of the products we offer enough to guarantee your satisfaction. 14 different cuts of Steaks, 6 types of Roasts (more upon request), Ground Beef (we have it all...believe us), all of the cuts for your smoker, Ribs, Stew meat, Dog bones and suet (for all you animal lovers), Angus products and more!


Our pork products are purchased and processed right here in Indiana so you know you are receiving the freshest cuts possible.  Our offering includes:

Multiple types of chops, Whole and cut loins (bone in or out), Bacon (thick or thin), Smoked and pulled pork, Sausage and ground pork, Brains, hocks, name it. 


 Our chicken selection is broad and priced right.  Come in and see for yourself.  Based on past sales we know that this is a staple item in most orders.  It is from the Amish farms of Northern Indiana so it is raised and processed close to home.  We have a variety including: Whole or Cut up Chickens, Boneless Breast (you won't believe the price!), Wings, Thighs, Drumsticks, Leg Quarters, Party Wings, Gizzards, Necks,  Hearts, and more.  We've got it all! 

Lamb / Goat

Lamb and goats have been a traditional favorite for over 5,000 years.  We are proud to serve traditional, high quality, cuts at very affordable prices.  We have chops, roasts, legs and quarters as well as whole carcasses available upon request.  Kosher and Halal meat is available upon request. 

Wild Game

Where else can you go to satisfy all of your cravings for wild game?  You never have to hunt again....just come see us and save the trip.  Here is just a sampling of what we offer: Venison, Elk, Buffalo, Alligator, Frog Legs and many more available upon request. 


We carry a variety of seafood.  All of our seafood is flash frozen immediately following harvest to ensure the freshest taste and experience.  We have a variety including: Several sizes of Shrimp, Tilapia (whole and filets), Catfish (filets, whole and nuggets), Salmon, Cod, Walleye, Bluegill (yes, we said, "Bluegill") , Oysters, Crab and Lobster. Many more available upon request.  If it can be caught we will have it.

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Wholesale Products

Wholesale Beef Chart

Bundles (Wholesale to the Public)

We offer a wide variety of "fresh frozen" meat bundles.  This is by far the most economical way to purchase your meat. Ask us how much space you'll need for any bundle.  You'll be surprised how much you can fit into a freezer. These are fresh cuts which are immediately flash frozen...not retail leftovers.  Other than products that you will bake, fry or shape (such as ground beef) you should cook your items frozen.  This will lock in the moisture and freshness.  Allow one more turn on a grill. For your convenience, you are allowed up to two (2) trade outs on each bundle. Trade outs are based on price not quantity. Call ahead or just stop in!

Sides of Beef and Pork

Buying a whole cow or pig used to be common.  The modern day grocery store all but eliminated this frugal exercise.  One key reason was that you only get a few choice cuts out of one cow or one pig. One loin means only a few pork chops, steaks, etc.  We have solved this problem.  Our incredible selection and variety allows our customers to include all of the choice cuts they desire.  Want a half a cow with a whole loin?  No problem.  Want one pig with two loins and four hams?  We can do that, too...and much more.  Give us a call and stock your freezer the way you want.

Variety in Bulk

You don't have to just buy beef or pork in large quantity to get deep discounts.  Our large selection and quantity means that you can mix and match to pack those freezers just the way you like.  Our best deal is our Grand Bundle.  See below for a price sheet and breakdown of this fabulous deal.  You won't find this combination of variety and pricing anywhere else!

Corporate Wholesale

Restaurants...Country Clubs...Food Trucks...Catering Companies... We've got you covered as well.  Please call us at (317) 405-9504 and ask to speak to the manager.  We would love to be your provider for the freshest cuts of meat you can get your hands on.  You can expect professional pricing with personal service.

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Daily Specials

Subject to change - In store purchases only