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Why a Raw Diet?

Benefits of Raw Pet Food

A diet made up of raw meat, organs and bone can be the healthiest way to feed your pet.  Eliminate the waste products of dry kibble food and step your pet up to the diet that nature intended. Click the picture (above) to see the benefits from the vet's perspective.

Our Ingredients


Our raw pet food consists of only the highest quality ingredients.  We have plain ground (all meat/bone) and mixed ground (inc. fruits & veggies) offerings.  You'll find the same great ingredients in our treats as well.

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Benefits of a Raw Diet

The Benefits of Raw Pet Food

Here are just a few of the ways a raw diet can benefit your pet:

  • Healthier Coat
  • More/Superior Nutrition
  • Stronger Teeth
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Smaller Stool

Click on the picture (above) for more detailed information on the benefits of a raw diet for your pet.


Convenient & Clean Packaging

One of the drawbacks to a raw pet diet is handling the food.  In order to eliminate this headache we offer convenient, freezer safe, resealable 2-lb deli style tubs.  Larger bags are available (local only) for those who are ready to handle the product but for the rest of us, The Meat Shop for Pets is happy to package it the same way we do for our 2 footed friends.

Local and Nationwide Delivery

We offer delivery on all orders of $75 or more to all of Marion County.  Only thaw 0-3 days prior to feeding to your pet. Do not thaw and refreeze.

Exceptional Value

A lot of raw pet food suppliers price their products higher than you would expect to see in the human aisles of the average grocery store.  It shouldn't be that expensive to feed your pet a healthy diet.  The Meat Shop for Pets promises to bring you great quality and convenience at incredible prices.  Download our Menu (above) and compare...we dare you.  You'll be impressed.

Wholesale Supplier

Are you interested in marketing and selling your own high quality raw pet food?  We would love to help you achieve your dreams.  We can customize the packaging to your specifications.  Pricing is dependent upon the quantity ordered.  Call us today at (317) 405-9504 to get going.

Delivery Available


Delivery Available to ALL of Marion County

We also offer delivery of pet food to all of Marion County.  Must be a minimum order of $75 (can be fresh meat, pet food and/or hot food combined).  There will be a modest delivery fee of only $5 for 0-10 miles, $10 for 11-24 miles and $25 for 25+ miles.  We accept cash and credit/debit cards.  We are the ONLY company to offer this service in Indianapolis. 

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